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A formula carefully formulated by our team of experts, Ladyagra™™ contains carefully selected herbs, nutrients and aphrodisiacs, which when combined restore naturally sexual desire and satisfaction.

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CL Cupid Labs Climax Blend (Patented Blden):

The synergic formula developed by Cupid Labs, which our product contains, is the strongest formula with natural herbal extracts for women.

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What does it contain?

The pills for sexual stimulation Ladyagra contain natural herbal extracts, nutrients and aphrodisiacs, including:


Passiflora extract

A picture of a passiflora flower, which stimulates the libido, fights depression and enhances female sexuality.

It has been proven to increase the libido. The effect is increased by its anti-depression properties and relaxing effect. The plant Passiflora has the ability to reduce nerve spasms that occur due to stress, as well as muscle and gastrointestinal spasms and menstrual pain.

Liquorice root extract

A picture of Liquorice roots, which are suitable for women which suffer from low libido.

The Liquorice extract is suitable for women, which experience lack of libido. This herb has the ability to increase naturally vaginal lubrication! It is generally used for stomach problems, infections and for respiratory conditions. The herbal extracts are often used as a natural tonic and a supplement for overall health, in addition, it can be a powerful stimulant for the immune system.


A picture of Ginseng root and flower, which have a strong effect on sexuality and libido.

Ginseng is an herb, whose root is a strong energizer. Being a common ingredient to energy drinks, ginseng is an ideal plant for sportsmen. Ginseng – aphrodisiac with healing functions. Used since ancient times, Ginseng has a strong action on sexuality and sexual excitement.

Epimedium Sagittatum

A picture of epimedium leaf, which is used as an aphrodisiac since ancient times.

Studies have shown that it is a very effective aphrodisiac, which naturally increases sexual desire in women. It is also very suitable for menopause related problems. It is considered that it works by increasing the levels of nitric oxide, which relaxes the muscles, stimulating the blood circulation to the clitoris and by this, improving sexual pleasure and increasing the possibility of having an orgasm. It has been used for more than 1000 years in Asia, Korea and the Mediterranean as a medicine for improving sexuality and for kidney and liver related disease. It also increases energy levels.

Tribulus Terrestris extract

A picture of Tribulus Terrestris flower, which increases testosterone and sexual power.

Tribulus has diuretic properties and is often used for kidney problems, such as kidney stones. Its major effect is the stimulation of the reproductive system. Until the seeds are ready for use, the plant is slightly toxic. Tribulus has a calming effect on the central and the autonomic nervous system. Thanks to its ability to its stimulating properties, tribulus increases the blood flow to the stimulated places. Tribulus is also suitable for irregular menstruation, chronic inflammation of the genital organs in both women and men, neuralgia, migraines, bile duct cramps, stomach pain, bronchitis, whooping cough and others.

Dill Extract

A picture of dill, which stimulates the appetite and the metabolism in the body including sexual desire.

Dill has a stimulating effect on hormonal balance, thanks to its high content of flavonoids and essential oils. This contributes to the maintaining of a normal menstrual cycle. It is even considered that the regular use of dill postpones menopause. Dill relieves such symptoms as headaches and migraines. The name of this herb comes from the Old Norse word “dilla”, which means “to calm down”. That’s why, since ancient times, dill is used as a nerve-calming medicine, even for babies.

All of this makes Ladyagra an excellent product for Sexual Excitement

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